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The old name for a part of south Isleworth dominated by Thames Water’s Mogden Wastewater Works. Opened in 1936, this is one of the largest such plants in the south-east, treating sewage from a population equivalent of 1.8 million, across a 60 square mile catchment area of north and west London. It has recently undergone a 40 million refit. The purified wastewater from the plant is piped to Isleworth Ait, where it is discharged into the Thames around high tide. Electricity has always been generated from the waste methane to power the treatment works themselves but in 1993 a combined heat and power plant was added. The ‘Mogden formula’ is a sewerage industry pricing structure that seeks to link charges to the volume and strength of trade effluent discharged. South Middlesex hospital, which closed in 1982, was formerly Mogden isolation hospital. The surrounding locality is rarely called Mogden anymore, perhaps because of the name’s association with this plant; Ivybridge is the preferred identity both for residential and commercial developments. The council’s Ivybridge estate has some of the borough’s highest levels of deprivation, although low rise flats have recently been demolished – after lengthy delays. The main ethnic minorities are of Pakistani and black African heritage, and an increasing number of refugee families have been placed on the estate.

Duke of Northumberland's River
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The western part of the Mogden Wastewater Works

The Crane Walk runs through the middle of the Mogden works (see picture below left), beside the Duke of Northumberland’s River, which was diverted as part of the construction programme.

Postcode area: Isleworth, TW7
Website: Local residents have set up a first class community site campaigning to reduce odours from the sewage works. Click on the button below.


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